Printing PDF Patterns

Let’s print out the pattern!

The sewing pattern comes with 3 different printing options! The US Letter and A4 print is a tile version PDF that you can print out at home. The A0 version is used by a printshop to print on a single sheet of paper and saves time taping the separate pages together.

 printing guide to select single size layerAdditionally, you can use view mode to only select/print the size you are working on. Each pattern file is designed with layers of different sizes. There is an option to print only your size or all sizes based on your preference. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat and keep in legend layer.

If you print at home, then you need to trim each sheet by cutting off the top and excess margin. Tape each page together by row, and then attach the rows together. Use the diamond marks to align everything!

Always make sure to print on 100% scale.
(Do not ‘fit to page’ or reduce the size!)

There is a test square on the first page of the pattern.
Use as a scale to check if the dimensions are 5x5cm and/or 2x2”.